So much background…

Last week was a crazy one for me. I worked on more film shoots this past week than I have in the entire months of May and June combined. Check out this schedule…

Sunday – Beer commercial (10pm-5am) We shot in the penthouse of a super swank hotel with awesome views of the city.

Monday – TV show (7am – 8pm) Kindly note the lack of sleeping time between those jobs. I remember nothing about this day except that I had to stand up on the subway for fear of falling asleep and missing my stop. And getting mugged.

Tuesday – TV show (9am – 7pm) This day wasn’t too bad in terms of hours, but we were filming out in Queens so that adds an hour to my commute each way.

Wednesday – Beer commercial (2pm – 2am)

Thursday – I didn’t work. Here’s why…


Running through the streets of Manhattan in one hundred degree heat while wearing fall attire, including outerwear? Oh hell no. (That last line will sound a lot better if you imagine a sassy black lady saying it.) There are some jobs that even I won’t take. And I’ve done some pretty weird shit. In fact, the only way I would even consider seeing that movie is if Vanilla Ice is in it singing a remix of ‘Ninja Rap.’

Friday – TV pilot (6am – 11am) This was only a half day which was awesome, but again with the crazy long commute. I had to be up at 4am to get there on time.

I pretty much slept through Saturday. Today I’m going to clean my kitchen. Exciting stuff.

This was not a real post. No story, no funny commentary, just a brief glimpse into my life. But hey, they can’t all be winners.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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