Holy Dead Polar Bear, Batman!

Hey Texas…how’s all that taxidermy treating you?

And I thought I’d seen everything after this:

IMG_3166 - Version 2

Oh how wrong I was. [Note: If the sight of dead, stuffed animals mounted on display units upsets you, you should skip this post.]

Let me back track. After a throughly enjoyable, surprise three-day weekend offit was back to ‘work’ on Monday morning. My fellow cast members and I were scheduled to sing for a private event at the home of one of the Abilene Opera board members. That sort of thing is pretty standard in the opera business. The singers entertain the crowd and generate excitement for the upcoming production, while the monied patrons eat finger sandwiches and drink coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day (usually wine, though). 

The only difference between this gig and your average afternoon opera luncheon was the house in which it was hosted. For one thing, it had an über modern design – basically a large, angular, concrete block with glass doors that invoked a feeling similar to that of walking into an urban dentist’s office circa 1976. But rather than posters of giant floss-wielding cartoon teeth, and a cheery receptionist with a pencil cup full of tooth brushes, this was the sight that greeted me upon entering the foyer…


[Not the set of pearly whites I was expecting.]

Then there was this guy…


And his friends…


At first I was struck by the novelty of the whole thing.


And I had a little fun with it…



Then I walked further into the house and saw this…


And this…


And this little guy…


Then it struck me how very real and alive these animals used to be and I got really upset and kind of queasy. I mean, I’m all for meat-eating, but these animals weren’t hunted for food. This was entertainment, pure and simple. Except there wasn’t anything pure about it. There were so many stuffed animals – endangered animals – in this living room, I couldn’t look anywhere without coming face-to-face with death.

I couldn’t even look up at the ceiling without seeing something terrifying.


Hey ya’ll, who’s ready to sing some arias! Where should we set up? Next to the giant stuffed bear? Yeah, that sounds about right. Except then we’ll have to stand directly on the zebra skin rug and my heels keep getting stuck in his mohawk… Whatever. Let’s just do this thing.

And we did. And it was awkward and more than a little unsettling.

Sorry for the creepy post.

Until next time…


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