Off to a slow, but delicious start in Texas

IMG_3192 I arrived in Abilene almost two weeks ago, ready to start rehearsals for my next project, The Hotel Casablanca at Abilene Opera. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances – a few family emergencies (not mine, thankfully), some scheduling snafus and wild weather in the northeast – the director, conductor and half the cast were unable to arrive on time.  So rather than diving right into rehearsals, I wound up with a long weekend full of unexpected free time which I used to explore the town.

Mostly I ate a lot of steak.


The best of which (by far) was from the Perini Ranch Steakhouse located just outside Abilene in the small town of Buffalo Gap, TX. Everything about this place was excellent. The rustic décor, the service and of course the food were all spectacular. I had an 8oz. filet (medium rare), old-fashioned green beans, hominy, fried cream cheese jalapeño bites and bread pudding with Jack Daniels whiskey sauce for dessert. Yummers!


[Here in Texas, we like our beers cold and our cow skulls mounted right up on the wall so we can see ’em after we eat ’em.]



[You can take the girl out of New York…]

Later that evening, I found myself at a dive bar in Abilene listening to a legit honky-tonk band. I even learned to two-step! (Badly.) It was super fun.


Stay tuned for more stories from the Lone Star State!

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