Update: I think I’ve found the real culprit for my gastric distress…


More specifically…


I guess I forgot to mention the two teaspoons of Sunflower Seed Butter that I consumed just before going to bed last night to stave off my (still ravenous) hunger.

I guess I also forgot to check the expiration date on the jar.  I know it’s just a little bit expired, but the oil had re-separated…and there were some dried up chunks in there.  I know!  But I was REALLY hungry and because I had just completed a juice fast, I didn’t have ANY non juice-able food in the house.  Ugh.

I will not let two teaspoons of bad sunflower seed butter derail my paleo dietary goals!  (Even though I really REALLY want to hang it all up and go for pizza.)  I’m going to be on set for the next few days, which means (apart from trying my best to avoid the craft food services table) I will have plenty of protein-rich, paleo-friendly foods at my disposal, but after that my first stop – the grocery store!

One thought on “Update: I think I’ve found the real culprit for my gastric distress…

  1. You are stronger than I am! If it can’t be eaten with one hand and minimal preparation, I’m not eating until dinner. But hey, at least we have healthy dinners! I can claim that, right? And my KIDS eat well all day long…I’m just not exactly leading by example.

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