You’ve got to be kidding me.

It’s been a while since I posted any stories from the background.  That’s mostly because I haven’t done a whole lot of BG work since the summer.  I was too busy singing in the fall (which was wonderful), then I had surgery five minutes later (which was awful), then my best friend got married (which was super awesome) and then I got the worst bronchial infection of my life followed immediately by a nasty bout of food poisoning (the opposite of awesome).  So I was basically down for the count for the latter part of 2012.

I did manage to work a few days between my surgery and the wedding, but those instances were pretty uneventful.  Later, when I was feeling better and finally ready to get back on set, Christmas happened and everything went on hiatus.  Now that the holidays are over, the casting emails are starting to clutter up my inbox once again.

Here’s one that gave me a chuckle…

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 3.19.17 PM

[The names of the production and casting companies omitted for obvious reasons.]

Just in case you missed it – they are looking for non-union actors to who are willing to be SPRAYED WITH WATER.  OUTDOORS.  IN NYC.  IN JANUARY.  For $110 (plus overtime if you get to be sprayed with water outside in the freezing cold for more than 10 hours.)

Perhaps I should remind those of you who aren’t from the northeast how cold it gets up here in January…


Okay, so it’s not as cold as say…Siberia, but it’s still too cold to get to paid crap money to get sprayed with water for ten hours on the streets of Manhattan.  I’m sorry, but that’s crazy.  The worst part is that there are tons of people who will sign up to do this!

Hell, the longer I look at my bank statement v.s. my credit card bill, I’m almost tempted to do it myself.  It’d probably make for an excellent blog post at any rate.  And you can bring a towel, you know, in case you get cold…

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