2013 Resolutions

I can’t believe that 2012 is finally over! This has been a pretty crappy year for almost everyone I know – myself included. It’s been a year full of challenges and a lot of change. I believe that most of these changes have been for the better, but still – enough is enough already.

I desperately want to believe what all my new-agey friends have been saying about the Mayan calendar not being an ending, but rather a time of renewal. I could do with a fresh start. Whatever happens, 2012 is one year I’ll be glad to see the back of.

(See how much I’ve changed? I just ended a sentence with a preposition and I’m not even freaking out about it. I’m cool with it. Totally fine. I’m certainly not thinking about deleting that sentence…not one little bit. The fact that I’m even still talking about it is, quite frankly, ridiculous. This is all a part of leaving the mistakes of 2012 behind and moving forward. Yep. That’s what I’m gonna do…get over shit and move on. Onward!)

Anyway, much like my being grateful post from Thanksgiving, I decided to list my 2013 New Year’s resolutions:

* Be kinder to myself…and other people too, I guess.

* Give the paleo diet another go. I spent three-ish months eating a modified version of this diet – I say modified because cutting back on fruit and giving up potatoes goes against everything I believe in – and it was pretty incredible. I can’t remember a time when I had more energy. It did amazing things for my skin, my mood improved and my sinus/allergy problems all but vanished. Despite the fact that eating only meat, fish, veggies, some fruits, nuts and seeds is a giant pain in the ass, the end result is well worth the effort. (At least that’s what I’ll have to tell myself every time I walk by a pizza place and start salivating at the smell. I could go for a slice right now as a matter of fact…)

* Write something everyday – even if it’s just one line.

* Read the complete works of Shakespeare. Eh, maybe just the plays. Okay, just King Lear.

* Learn Lucia di Lammermoor – it’s about bloody time. (Get it? Bloody…? Ugh. My humor is wasted on you people.)

* Take a road trip and see parts of the country I’ve never seen before. I do this almost every year and I love it. I’m planning this year’s trip already!

* Less iPhone, less Facebook, less Twitter and more real life, real time interaction and connection…which, in reality, will probably amount to me blogging from a Starbucks rather than alone in my bedroom. But still, it’s progress!

* Accumulate less stuff and have more experiences instead. Also, get rid of a bunch of stuff I already have.

* Make art. Everyday. Create more than (or at least as much as) I consume.

The other crazy thing about 2012 coming to an end is that it means I’ve been blogging for just over a year. That kind of blows my mind. I don’t usually stick with these sorts of things. As it seems I’m still enjoying the act of spilling my guts for all of the interwebs to see, here are a few practical goals for the blog in the coming year:

* Practice brevity – half the reason I don’t post as often as I’d like to is because I can’t seem to shut the hell up. I’m loquacious to a fault. Maybe I’ll do an experiment with a month of micro-blogging, like Micro-blogging March or something. Nothing as crazy as the limitations imposed on Twitter – that fascist den of cyber nerds stresses me out. Hell, I can’t even talk about micro-blogging without far exceeding a 140 character limit, never mind try to live that way for an entire month. That’d be like a starvation diet for my brain. But you know, a 500 word post as opposed to a 4,000 word post would certainly be a step in the right direction.

* Get more followers – y’all could help me out in that endeavor. Subscribe to the blog, follow me on Twitter, share all this crap on Facebook and G+ (if anybody is still doing that). Spread the word!

* Sponsorship – I’m also thinking of sponsoring another blogger, which basically involves paying someone who is much more popular than me to tell all their friends that I’m cool. If only it had been that easy in middle school…

Pipe Dream Goals for the blog and writing in general:

* Figure out a way to make at least a small amount of money off this thing so I won’t have resort to becoming an egg donor in order to pay my rent.

* Start sharing some of my original fiction. That’s probably not going to happen though. Not because I’m shy or anything, but because if you think my procrastination with the blog is impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. When I’m not being held accountable to someone and when I have no semblance of a deadline – yikes. My work ethic goes right out the window as soon as something good comes on TV, which, in America (or thanks to certain illegal European websites), is pretty much all the time.

* Write that TV show/web series I’ve been talking about for the last year. I still haven’t decided exactly what I want this project to become yet, but I’ve got a few solid outlines and reams of notes. I even took a class on ‘Writing for TV’ last spring. I absoltely loved it, but for some reason I’ve been too intimidated (by what, I couldn’t tell you) to actually set fingers to keyboard and bang out even one cohesive script.

I guess that’s it. Glad I don’t have lofty goals or anything. Here’s to a healthier, wealthier, happier 2013. Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. Good luck! You have me as a follower (I think) and my big fat 200 views a day status. Yeah, that’s right. Big time! As I was writing my 2012 wrap up post today I was thinking of the Homer Simpson line “But I’m using my whole ass!” and of course, I immediately thought of you.

  2. hey at least you got guts to lay it out for others to see… all my thoughts and writing stays on PENZU — cause well– I’m a chicken!

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