This is Sarah’s blog when she’s away for a gig…


That’s right. It’s a giant sad face.

Oh wait. No it isn’t. It’s just a regular sized sad face because of this stupid, homogenous, wholly non-customizable theme I purchased from WordPress which apparently thinks that techno-retarded bloggers like me can’t handle complicated things like font changes. Then again, they’re probably right, so I’ll not press the issue.

Seriously though, I’ve been away for a gig for the past couple of weeks and that’s my excuse for neglecting the blog. In my defense I am singing a pretty difficult role (Gilda in Verdi’s Rigoletto) and I am in one of my favorite places on earth, Stonington, CT and the weather has been perfect every single day since I arrived, so perhaps you could cut me some slack?

Even if you don’t, I’m having too wonderful a time with this show to care. The music is fantastic, this production is super cool AND I get to work with several dear friends plus a bunch more new friends who all happen to be outstanding singers and actors, in addition to being stellar human beings. Fun times all around!

Don’t worry though, I’ve got a million more stories coming your way – Vegas Part 2 (Midgets and Strippers and Crab Legs – oh my!), more tales from the Background, another online dating disaster or two (or twelve) and maybe a few more personal revelations. I generally like to keep it light around here, but it was kind of cathartic to lay some of my shit bare for all five of my readers to see (hi mom!) so I might have to do more of that. We’ll see…

However, lately I’ve been too busy accumulating new stories to take the time to catch you up on the old ones. That, and, interwebs are rather sparse in these parts, but I will do better! (Possibly.) So stayed tuned!

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