I should be practicing right now…

…but instead I’m shopping for Maccessories for my new MacBookAir (that gets here Wednesday – so psyched!!), facebooking and watching a BBC drama called Luther on Netflix.  It’s about a bent cop with all kinds of personal problems who befriends a narcissistic evil genius killer and it’s awesome.  The writing is fantastic, the acting is intense and it stars Idris Elba so the show also gets ten bonus points for hotness…you can’t always say that about British TV.

Also, I think the baskets on my bookshelf are judging me for not practicing.  I start rehearsals for Rigoletto at Salt Marsh Opera in two weeks, it’s my first time singing Gilda and I really need to get around to memorizing it.  Luckily, roughly eighty percent of my lines are ‘O padre mio’ so it shouldn’t take all that long.  Still, every time I look over at my bookshelf instead of this…




 <———— Innocent storage baskets or Evil Baskets of Judgement?





I see this…

[Angry basket-woven vocal chords yelling at me to turn off my computer, open my score and friggin’ study already!]

The funny thing is, it probably took me about thirty-five minutes to take the photo, email it to myself and Photoshop it (or rather, utilize GIMP – the free, non-union, Mexican equivalent to Photoshop) to make it look like vocal chords. (I’m clearly not very good at Photoshop.)  In that time I probably could have memorized an entire scene.  Oh well…

I’m in a weird mood today.

O padre mio…

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