Red-haired skanks wanted

Otherwise known as ‘search terms that led some poor, misguided fools to my blog.’  Now, I realize that my posts are kind of all over the place and that there’s not much going on in the way of cohesiveness around here, but this is just ridiculous…

*how to wing an ac (awesome)

*children in crack houses/ghetto

*harlem crack house

*special fx makeup haggard sick person

*movie fat suit prop


*dead man’s float

*hells angels swimsuits

*techno poultry (…the hell?)

*latex mistresses

*eharmony, pretentious (glad I’m not the only one who thinks so)

*heart stopping blt

*christian store nyc

*things that will affend people (there spelling – see what I did their?)

*okc foot fetish

*fruit pulp

*crack ghetto

*phoebe shakespeare monologue adaption (oh crap)

*flexi girl assup

And my favorite…

*pregnancy stuff i shouldn’t do (oh god, I hope she went someplace else for information…)

This is the shortest post I’ve ever written and yet I think it speaks volumes.  Welcome to the nut house, friends.  Thanks for stopping by!


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