Just like riding a bike

I’m blogging from Cape Cod this evening.  It’s so beautiful here!  Can you blame me for neglecting the blog this week?

Actually, I’ve been here for almost two weeks and apart from enjoying the gorgeous ocean views, I’ve been very busy with rehearsals.  I’m singing Norina in Don Pasquale with Cape Cod Opera this weekend.  This role has been an interesting one for me because Norina’s aria ‘So anch’io la virtù magica’ is the first operatic anything I ever learned back with my first voice teacher in high school.  I haven’t sung it very often since then, so it’s been cool (albeit weird) to revisit this piece as an adult. But you know what they say…just like riding a bike.  And it totally is.  I’m having a blast.

Singing with CCO has become somewhat of a summertime tradition for me.  I’ve been coming here for the past three years or so and it’s definitely one of my favorite gigs.  Aside from the hours spent in rehearsal, this is more like a paid vacation than a job.  Every summer I always make big plans to get outside and hike and bike and swim and do all the outdoorsy stuff I never get to do in NYC. And every year, despite my best intentions, I wind up on the beach (under a huge umbrella of course) or more often, in the hammock in the backyard reading a book…or four.



Not this year!  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working a lot of background gigs lately which has afforded me so much paid reading/leisure time that I no longer feel the need to lounge around all day with a book while on ‘vacation’ or if it’s because I’ve been on a strict Paleolithic diet (which I’ll address in a later blog) for the past two weeks and I’m simply reaping the benefits of having more energy now that I’m finally off the sugar-high roller coaster I’ve been riding for past few decades…but whatever it is I got on a bike today for the first time in ten years and rode about six miles.  I only almost crashed twice! I am inordinately proud of myself.



[Betcha didn’t think the title of this post was going to be so literal.]



Wanna know where everyone on the Cape wasn’t this afternoon?  White’s Pond in Chatham.  That’s where I biked to.  White’s Pond is a kettle pond, meaning it was originally formed from a melting glacier, has a sandy bottom and is really warm in the summer – the bottom of the pond almost disconcertingly so. The water is clear and lovely, perfect for swimming.  At least global warming is good for something…  I just got out of the water in fact (that’s right, I went swimming too – I’m unstoppable today!) and I had the whole pond to myself.  Apart from being wildly unsafe, it was wonderful.



I’ve got to hurry off to the theater now for our final dress rehearsal.  More tomorrow!

Sarah 🙂

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