Just another day at the office

I’m on set again today. We’re shooting a commercial for I don’t know what, but I’m guessing it’s for something awesome cause this set is super. Aside from the half a dozen horsefly bites I’ve gotten this afternoon, I’m having an excellent day. I didn’t have to get up at the ass crack of dawn, we’re only working a half day (and getting paid twice the normal non-union BG rate – win!), I’m surrounded by gorgeous ocean views, and…I got to ride a horse! I’m a city girl so this was a big deal for me.



We’re filming out on Long Island at the Old Field lighthouse. I’m playing a ‘Hamptons type.’ Whatever that means. There are lots of ‘types’ here this afternoon. We’ve got hipsters, farmers, bikers (Hells Angels bikers, not Lance Armstrong bikers – oh no wait, we’ve got those too), swimsuit models, old people, kids, business people, veterans, surfers, an entire Little League Team…

Oh! Before I forget…Natasha is here! Remember Natasha? Apparently somebody must’ve fished her corpse out of the Hudson cause she’s here and strutting around the set in a designer bikini. Luckily for me, she seems to have glommed on to one of the other models so aside from the obligatory ‘Hey, didn’t we meet on Good Wife last week?’ conversation (which in my head sounded more like, ‘Hey, didn’t I throw you into oncoming traffic last week?’ but whatever) I haven’t had to deal with her. So that’s pretty great too.

Anyway, one of the other types we’ve got on set today is a cowboy. (I LOVE cowboys.) Actually it’s a cowgirl and she brought her horse to the shoot. The horse’s name is Ellie Mae and she’s very friendly. All the extras wanted to pet her and to her credit, she was pretty chill about it.

Then Miss Cowgirl started giving people pony rides! Well, Ellie gave the rides, not the cowgirl. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it because I’m wearing a really long dress, but she said that I could ride side-saddle since ‘Ellie is a lady.’ And because I’m fancy.



Also I’m pretty sure Ellie Mae is a My Little Pony. She’s retired now of course, but in the 80s she totally used to dye her mane purple and changed her name to Princess Moonbeam.


The only remaining evidence of her wild magic pony days.

I know I was supposed to be blogging about what I did on the Fourth of July, but I keep getting distracted by bikini clad Russians and magic ponies! Next time though. Next time…

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