‘Game of Thrones’ Limerick Challenge!

Hey all,

I’ve got a fun little challenge for my fellow nerds out there.

My friend Delia posted the following on fb this morning:

“OK, I have a ‘Game of Thrones’ limerick started: ‘There once was a noble named Lannister, who slid down a highly-waxed banister…’ That’s as far as I got, I don’t watch the show.”

So I chimed in:

‘…Whilst chasing some tail, he slipped off the rail. She laughed, and so now he has banished her.’

Then I couldn’t stop thinking of other GoT related limericks. Here are a few more: [SPOILER ALERT!!! I’m pulling from the show and the books, so if you haven’t read all five books (and you care about that sort of thing) you might not want to read this.]

There once was a noble young imp,
Who was short and who walked with a limp.
He was Hand to the King and saved all King’s Landing,
But still they cry, ‘Hail, to the Gimp!’
Though Jon is Ned Stark’s bastard son,
Such honor and glory he’s won.
He went to the wall, became Lord over all,
But his reign was too quickly undone.
There once was a Hodor named Hodor,
Who Hodor’d from Hodor til Hodor.
‘Hodor!’ said Hodor, til he Hodor’d no more.
And the Hodor kept Hodoring Hodor.
At the tourney Brienne won the day.
A dozen stout men did she slay.
And though she’s no beauty, she will do her duty –
A pity that Renly is gay.
There once was a Greyjoy named Theon,
Whose family’s been iron for eons.
He was taken captive and was then forced to live
Among all of Ned Stark’s little peons.
The fairest that ever was seen
Twas Margery, twice-widowed been.
It is unfortunate that she’s rather a slut,
but still she aspires to be queen.
Robb Stark who was King in the North,
Sent all of his banner men forth,
But offended the Freys on that Red Wedding Day
Now his bride is left wond’ring her worth.
There once was a noble named Ned,
Who mourned that King Robert was dead.
Always he was thrumming that ‘Winter is coming’
Then King Joffrey cut off his head.
In Quarth, her three dragons were taken
And unless Daenerys was mistaken,
The Thirteen were to blame so she set them aflame,
And she left their lands burnt and forsaken.

[This one is my favorite.]

Ygritte, the wildling was cooing
To a young lad whom she was pursuing.
She said to her crow, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’
But he turned out to be her undoing.

On that note, I challenge you to come up with some ‘Game of Thrones’ limericks of your own. Post them in the comments section. Maybe, if I get enough entries, I’ll do a little poll where people can vote for their favorites. Winner gets a cupcake!

And go!


6 thoughts on “‘Game of Thrones’ Limerick Challenge!

  1. In Ves Dothrak where no blood is shed
    Viserys was fuming and saw red
    He pulled out a sword and threatened the Khal
    Until Drogo went and melted his head

  2. I am seriously bad at this:

    Robb is seeking revenge, her
    dragons give Dany an edge, her
    son Cersei floats, but
    Stannis gets votes
    because he’s a grammar avenger.

  3. There once was a Lord from House Grayjoy who thought of himself as a playboy.
    One day he lost all his wealth and now can’t play with himself, after they removed his favorite toy.

  4. There once was a girl from House Targaryen, sold for an army by her very kin.

    After raising her dragons, she set home on sea wagons. Now everyone asks “You’re from where again?”

  5. There once was a Lord from House Bolton whose reign was ended by his bold son.

    When stabbed with a knife, said son ended his life and declared “He was done in by poison”.

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