Back on solid…food.

My juice fast is over! It actually ended more than a week ago, I’ve just been too busy to blog about it. I made it six days. Though I was craving junk food like mad (particularly the last two days) I wasn’t actually hungry, I had plenty of energy and felt pretty good overall. The main reason I didn’t stick it out for the full ten days I had originally ‘planned’ is because I didn’t plan at all and forgot that I was going out of town and I didn’t feel like schlepping my juicer along with me.

Despite my lack of preparation for the start of the fast, I did heed the advice of lots of interwebbers who suggested at least a two day weaning period before going back to solid food. So, even though I REALLY wanted a grilled ham and cheese sammich, I held out and ate only vegetables (in addition to juice) for a couple of days first.

My first ‘meal’ was a small cucumber and tomato salad (no dressing). It took me an hour to finish it. I know because I was watching ‘Smash’ while eating and finished my salad during the closing credits.

The next day I had more juice, another small salad (this time with more stuff in it – still no dressing) and a small cup of vegetable soup. It was really nice to eat something hot again. I also had a snack of celery and hummus. That turned out not to be the best idea. My stomach wasn’t terribly pleased with the legumes, but that was my only difficulty.

By Wednesday I was reveling in the most satisfying ham and cheese sandwich I’ve ever had. It was a magical experience.

Overall, this whole juicing thing was an excellent experience. I lost six pounds, which was unexpected and though I’ve probably gained it all back by now, I’ve been eating way more veggies and other healthy-type crap so I feel loads better than I’ve felt in a long while. I actually crave green stuff now. My best friend used to tell me that she craved vegetables from time to time, but I always thought she was full of shit – until now!

Rather than full-on juicing, I’m back on my breakfast smoothie kick, mostly because blenders are a lot easier to come by when you’re on the road, but also because I still had some leftover veggies I needed to get rid of.

Final verdict: I will absolutely do another juice fast. I’m thinking 3-4 times a year for ten days at a time will be a sufficient detox for me…and I will definitely plan ahead next time!

Happy Juicing!

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