This is what I did today…not a whole lot

I wasn’t feeling particularly well today. Soooooo I laid around all day reading other people’s blogs. Here are a few I found to be really interesting:

The Zero Waste Home

This CA family – The Johnson’s – are incredible. Their annual trash (i.e. the stuff that winds up in a landfill) fits inside one glass jar! Seriously. Bea Johnson, the mom who spear-headed her family’s eco-consciousness, has a great motto: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. I read her entire blog today and while I’m not convinced that all of her methods can be applied to NYC apartment living (especially composting – don’t want that inside the apartment), she certainly has a great many ideas that I definitely want to try! Expect many blogs in the future documenting my attempts to be less of an ‘eco-terrorist’ (as mom lovingly calls me from time to time) and trying to be less wasteful in general by making/re-purposing my own stuff. For instance, Bea makes this cool lip stain from beets and vitamin E that has a lot of potential for hilarity and could make a real mess in my kitchen…hmmm….sounds like a good time to me!

In the meantime, I think I’ll finally get out of bed and try to be at least a little bit productive by cleaning out the storage boxes under my bed. Hooray for productivity!

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Okay, so technically this isn’t a blog, it’s a movie. Whatevs. You should still watch it (available on Netflix). It’s actually a fantastic documentary that’s won all kinds of awards. I guess people have been talking about this guy, Joe Cross, for a while now, but since I just heard about him this week I wanted to share.

Joe is a very successful businessman from Australia who was about a hundred pounds over weight and suffering from a rare autoimmune disease. After going to countless doctors and having to take small doses of Prednisone (a steroid) for something like five years, he decided to try to take control of his health through dietary and lifestyle changes.

He started with a 60-day juice fast coupled with a road trip across the US (can you see why I like this guy?) to help break away from the unhealthy routine of his daily life. In the film, he documents his progress and also follows the stories of several people he met while on the road. It’s pretty inspiring.

After watching the film I found several of Joe’s posts on a Williams-Sonoma blog called The Blender. They are full of helpful tips and (hopefully) delicious recipes. I’ll soon find out because…

…I just arranged to purchase a used juicer from someone on Craigslist. See that? I’m applying the principles of two helpful blogs in one day! Perhaps I should rethink the nature of this blog and try to put something more useful out into the universe?


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