Unsweetened: Days Four, Five & Six

It’s been a busy couple of days so I thought I’d do one big update before the final results blog on Sunday.  I have been keeping track of what I ate, how I felt about it and my daily weigh-ins, I just haven’t had the time to think of witty things to say about them as of yet.  I’m not saying that I have anything witty to say now either, but I since I promised to post updates, that’s what I’m gonna do. Here goes…

Day Four – A good day all around

Woke up feeling pretty good.  Had a great night’s sleep.  For breakfast I ate one hard-boiled egg. [Note to self: buy more eggs.] Ate a large garden salad for lunch. Snacked on almonds and tablespoons of peanut butter throughout the day.

Dinner was the highlight of day four though because I was lucky enough to have someone else cook for me! I love that! Eating is awesome and tons of fun, but cooking…not so much. Though it was a simple meal of kielbasa, broccoli and mashed potatoes, it was delicious. For any naysayers out there who may want to point out the fact that many sausages and other types of cured meats are heavily processed and full of all kinds of stuff that probably wouldn’t be acceptable in this experiment I say (as I cover my ears with my hands), “La la la…I can’t hear you!” Seriously though, this particular kielbasa wasn’t some pre-packaged grocery store nonsense.  This one came from a legit, for realsies butcher shop so the odds of it being laden with preservatives and junk are relatively slim, right?  Also, I don’t care cause it was delicious. Plus, did I mention that I got to eat for free and I didn’t have to cook OR do dishes? Win.


Weight: 108.6 lbs

Mood: Feeling slightly fine.

Other: *shrugs*

Day Five – A trip to the grocery store

Started off the day on the wrong foot, nutritionally speaking anyway.  Breakfast consisted of a handful of almonds consumed while running all over hell and creation during my very hectic morning.

Lunch was also a rush job of leftover tuna, spinach and quinoa. It was just as gross and unsatisfying as the first couple of times I tried it.  Blech.

I had another large garden salad for dinner along with one small baked potato with none of the bells and whistles.

For dessert, (that’s right, mama had dessert) I had an entire (read: really small) container of blackberries.  It was fantastic.  Did you know that 6oz of blackberries is only 72 calories? How awesome is that? Know what else is awesome? Getting three 6oz packages of blackberries for five dollars. Yeah. That happened.

My first dessert of the new year aside, the most exciting part of the day was my first trip to the grocery store! Since the start of this experiment I had only gone to the store to pick up a few items here and there, but this time I did a full shop for a week’s worth of groceries.  This was the first time I had to wander up and down the aisles and come face to face with all the things I couldn’t have.  It was awful. This whole self-deprivation thing is just so…well, it’s downright un-American! There, I said it.

Knowing this was likely to be a torturous experience, I brought my roommate along for back-up.  (Plus walking to the Fairway from my apartment is not something you want to do by yourself – especially at night.) My roomie had her own shopping to do so there were moments when I was left to my own devices.  I made sure to stay in the produce section during these times.  Though I did venture into the frozen room briefly to pick up some boneless chicken breast. (Note: if you’re not from NYC and have never experienced the frozen room in Fairway, you should cause it’s neat.  Instead of aisles of energy inefficient coolers in the otherwise toasty warm grocery store, Fairway just sticks all the cold/frozen stuff in one big refrigerated room.  It’s a fun place to go in the summer time.) I didn’t trust myself to stay in there too long because I know that’s where ice cream lives so I waited with the cart right outside the door.  Unfortunately, that is where the baked goods live. *Sigh* When my roommate finally came out of the frozen room she found me with my nose pressed up against a display case of delicious sugary confections.  She literally had to drag me away.  Okay so not literally, literally, but it was not my most dignified moment to be sure.


Weight: 109.4 lbs

Mood: Mildly irritable

Other: Cravings are still killing me. Case in point: I almost decked one of my roommates for eating a package of Swedish Fish in front of me.

Day Six – Finally, a plan!

I knew that this was going to be a really busy day so I actually took the time to plan out what I was going to eat all day.  This method, though time-consuming, proved successful.

For breakfast I had a hard-boiled egg (cause I bought more eggs at the store) and half an apple with some peanut butter.  I sliced up the other half of the apple and took it with me along with my trusty bag of almonds to snack on throughout the day.

I thought it might be a good idea to test out my new dietary ‘limitations’ in a restaurant setting, so for lunch I got take-out from a fancy, organic, frou-frou foodie type place.  It felt good to splurge.  I had smoked Atlantic salmon with avocado, cucumbers, radishes, scallions and dill with field greens. Confession time…it comes with bread.  Like, in a sandwich. BUT I still think it’s okay because it was hand made, fancy pants, artisan bread made of organic, stone-ground flour, water and salt. I’m going to give myself a pass on this one.

For dinner I made up another salad, adding sliced up hard-boiled eggs for protein and avocados for variety.  I was still hungry after that so I ate a few spoonfuls of peanut butter straight out of the jar. When, after waiting ten to fifteen minutes, I was STILL hungry I had half a thing (roughly 3oz) of blackberries.

Okay, so what if my big plan for the day revolved mostly around going out for lunch, sue me. Tomorrow’s plan will be slightly more ambitious. I think I’m gonna cook that chicken breast and see if I can make it into some sort of not undelicious meal. I guess we’ll see how that goes.


Weight: 108.2 lbs

Mood: Cautiously optimistic.

Other: I seem to have developed a heightened sense of smell. Can that happen? Everywhere I go it seems like I’m smelling all kinds of things that I want to have, but can’t! Were they there all along? Did I simply not notice? Or is there some correlation between between sugar deprivation and keener senses? Who knows, if I keep this up, maybe my vision will improve? Or I could develop some other, totally new super power! Cause that would be awesome.

Anyway, it’s late and I should really get to bed. I need to get up early tomorrow and plan what I’m gonna eat again, you know, cause that’s so much fun. I also need to buy more bananas.  I’m still thinking about that amazing banana I had a few days ago. Ugh. That’s just sad.


Oh! One more thing.  To the little Mexican man who was sitting next to me on the C train this morning eating an ENORMOUS bag of Doritos – watch your back. My vengeance will be swift and terrible.  That is all.

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