Unsweetened: Day Three

Woke up feeling much more chipper than usual. I was hoping that this was the awesome, more energized feeling I was told to expect by others who’ve embarked on this path to insanity before me, but I soon learned that I was wrong.

Started the day off right by eating breakfast. I had two hard-boiled eggs and ate a handful of raw almonds while I waited for the eggs to cook. That was a suggestion from my friend Tony. He also suggested oatmeal, but I only had the instant variety which is loaded with added sugar so that was a no-go.

Was still feeling pretty good at this point so I decided to venture out. Up until this point, I didn’t trust my willpower enough to go any farther than my own neighborhood. Feeling particularly brave, I went all the way home to Massachusetts to surprise my mom for her birthday. This was the first time I tried taking my ‘diet’ (for lack of a better word) on the road. It proved to be rather challenging.

Typically when on a road trip, my meals are eaten in transit and come from drive-thrus and gas stations. I never bother to plan what I’m going to eat and instead eat whatever is in front of me the moment I get hungry…or bored. This method doesn’t work out so well when you’re trying to avoid overly processed foods, or as I like to call them, things that are delicious. Luckily, I threw the bag of almonds and a banana in my bag which wound up being lunch. Not the most satisfying lunch, but it was probably the most delicious banana of my life.

I know, I know. I went from skipping breakfast to skipping lunch. Not much of an improvement, but dinner totally made up for it.

Like I said, I went home to visit my parents and I am so glad I did! I had planned to take my parents out to dinner, but since I didn’t relay these plans ahead of time (hence the surprise), my dad had already prepared an awesome dinner for the evening. Thankfully, every part of this meal complied with the ground rules of the experiment: rib-eye steak (fat cut off), baked potato, green beans and a garden salad. Yum!

Sounds like a successful evening, right? Wrong! Shortly after dinner the cravings kicked in. Pizza and grilled cheese had dominated my thoughts during the earlier part of the day (the skipping lunch part of the day – damn you Friendly’s and Papa Gino’s!), but after dinner all I wanted was sweets. This was partly due to the fact that I was at my parent’s house and if you thought I had a lot of chocolate and junk food at my apartment, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been in their kitchen. Tins of Christmas cookies and boxes of assorted chocolates stacked to the ceiling. Not to mention the birthday cake that I bought but didn’t eat any of, thank you very much.

The other problem was more of a psychological one. I watched this great documentary a while back called ‘Food, Inc.’ and in it they explain how fast food companies, namely McDonald’s, have conditioned us to expect a three-part taste experience with every meal: salt, fat and sweet. Even though I had just eaten a fantastic meal and wan’t hungry at all, I still felt incomplete. Like I was missing something and I couldn’t possibly be done eating yet. I found myself wandering around the kitchen, opening cupboards and the fridge, reading food labels, desperately trying to find something to satisfy that weirdly empty feeling.

Because I wasn’t hungry anymore, not even a little bit, my rational side was able to prevail and I gave up and went to bed completely dissatisfied.


Weight: 110.2 lbs

Mood: Not quite murderous rage…yet. (I kid, mostly.)

Other: Headaches are completely gone. Still struggling with major cravings.

Hoping I live to fight another day!

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