Unsweetened: Day Two

Last night I dreamt I was eating my way through a swimming pool full of angel hair pasta slathered in butter and sauce.  [Makes Homer Simpson-esque salivating sounds.] That doesn’t exactly bode well, does it?  However, I am happy(?) to say that I stayed strong!

Skipped breakfast again today, which is unfortunate because breakfast is usually my favorite meal of the day.  This was due mostly to lack of ideas and overwhelming laziness.  I didn’t feel like eggs and it seems like everything else in my fridge is made of sugar.  I need to fix that for tomorrow.

[This is what my fridge looked like after going through what I like to call ‘The Rime of the Ancient Food Groups.’ I threw out enough sugary substances and  decaying produce to feed several small families. Or one really large family I suppose.]

For lunch I had some super exciting leftovers.

Dinner was boiled chicken and spinach.  I was going to have beets with it, but the canned beets I bought actually have sugar listed as one of the ingredients on the label.  Lame.

Speaking of labels…my all natural peanut butter says that it contains only peanuts and salt, but there are a couple of grams of sugar in there.  Should PB be allowed in this experiment?  What are your thoughts?  I gotta tell you, my life would be infinitely better if it did.  Just sayin’…

While today was certainly an improvement over yesterday, I still feel really lethargic and no matter how much of this veggie crap I eat I still seem to be hungry.  The temptation to eat junk food was also much worse today.  Now, I exaggerate A LOT on this blog, but when I said yesterday that I have gobs and gobs of chocolate, candy and brownies in my house I wasn’t kidding.  Not even a little bit.

See? [The keen eye will be able to spot the Ritz crackers in the back.  Those are from my grandma. She tries to temper the sweet stuff with something that is at least perceived to be a little less bad for you. There are Club cheese crackers buried somewhere in the chocolate too. She is so adorable. Those are her AMAZING bite size brownies in the upper right hand corner of the picture. I want to eat them soooooo much!!!!]

Luckily, my lethargy is such that I can’t be bothered to walk all the way from my room into the kitchen. As long as I stop looking at this picture I should be able to make it through the rest of the night without breaking.  *Fingers crossed*


Weight: 111.0 lbs

Mood: I don’t have enough energy to decide.

Other: Headache was still there in the AM, but not nearly as bad as last night and improved steadily throughout the day.

One thought on “Unsweetened: Day Two

  1. Maybe you should send those brownies up to Boston. I wouldn’t want Grandma’s hard work to go to waste? – Your thoughtful cousin, Lindsay

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