Unsweetened: Day One

So I made it through day one…sort of.  I didn’t eat any sugar and I feel like shite.  This is officially the worst.

I woke up rather later than usual this afternoon what with last night’s festivities and I skipped breakfast.  Also, I couldn’t think of anything to eat that didn’t have sugar in it. Some time in the later afternoon I fried a couple of eggs, but couldn’t think of anything to eat with them.  I didn’t have any bacon and my usual turkey sausages contain two percent sugar.  Ugh.  I spent the rest of the day lazing around, writing the previous post, watching Mad Men and generally feeling like poo.  For dinner I made some tuna, quinoa and mixed vegetables.  It didn’t help.

Summary of the days results:

Weight: 111.6 lbs (Again, not looking for weight loss, just want some sort of quantifiable measurement.)

Mood: meh

Other: Splitting headache

At this point I remain unconvinced that the benefits will be worth the cost.  Plus I still have a bunch of my grandma’s brownies in the kitchen and I REALLY want to eat them!! THIS. IS. THE. WORST!

One thought on “Unsweetened: Day One

  1. So sorry you feel crappy. Headache is entirely to be expected. It will probably last 2-3 days, and then you will be better. I know, because I’ve de-toxed from sugar many times! Hang in there.

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